Boys Year 7/8 Bachar Houli Cup Results

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Our Year 7/8 Footy players did us proud earlier this week at the Bachar Houli cup, earning them a spot at the grand finals on September 9. READ HERE TO FIND OUT MORE


Spelling Bee 2015 Results

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Al-Taqwa sent our best spellers to the Wyndham spelling bee, SEE THE RESULTS!


Parents' Volunteer Workshop

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OUTREACH PROGRAMM TERM 3-2015, Mum & Dad’s Reading Program and Learning Support Program as Parent Volunteers, Funded by the Empowering Local Schools Grant (ELS).


Parents' Workshop 1 : 20th Aug 2015 (1.15pm - 3.15pm)
Parents' Workshop 2 : 3rd Sep 2015 (1.15pm - 3.15pm)
Download parent workshop registration form

VCE Handbook and Subject Selections 2016

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Do you have questions regarding the VCE program at Al-Taqwa?  How the ATAR score is calculated?  See a complete breakdown of courses offered?  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VCE HANDBOOK. For the year-specific subject selections, click on your relevant year level:


Iftar by Victorian Police

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During Ramadan, the Victorian Police hosted students and staff from various schools for an Iftar dinner.  READ MORE ABOUT THIS EVENT AND SEE PHOTOS HERE.


City Dash Excursion

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The VCAL students were in for a treat when they to participate in a Melbourne CBD "city dash" with puzzles, riddles and more fun!  READ ABOUT THE EVENTS AND SEE PHOTOS HERE.

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